Sweden Underground - Rock Engineering and How It Benefits Society

ISBN 978-91-637-7639-7
Ulf Lindblom, Lars O Ericsson, Torbjörn Winqvist, Per Tengborg, Ulf Håkansson (Editorial board)
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About the book

Are you a decision-maker at municipal, regional or national level? Are you a city planner, an architect, a civil or rock engineer, or are you simply interested in what’s going on beneath your feet? Are you curious about how underground space can be used to benefit society? 

Discover and learn about rock construction and how it can be used to help overcome the challenges facing many of our towns and cities. How it can free up valuable land on the surface and improve the environment. How it can help us move towards a more sustainable future. With its long tradition of underground construction and mining, Sweden has extensive experience of creating safe and innovative solutions of the highest international standards. 

In Sweden Underground we identify and explain the opportunities afforded by rock construction. A review of planning aspects and construction methods provides a background to the descriptions of around 30 underground construction projects that show the breadth of what rock engineering has to offer. We examine the pioneering research and development conducted in Sweden and see what exciting projects are in the pipeline. 

Welcome to a hidden world of opportunities!


The book is the result of a collaboration between the Rock Engineering Research Foundation (BeFo), the Swedish Rock Engineering Association, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket), the Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB), the J. Gust. Richert Memorial Foundation, and professionals who contributed on a volunteer basis. 


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