Webbinarium om dynamisk injektering

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Development of dynamic grouting

When it comes to effective sealing of water ingress during tunnel construction a sufficient cementitious grout spread in the rock fractures is very important. At the moment, the commonly used grouting technique is grouting with constant pressure. This however, can lead to grout filtration or the forming of filter cakes, in areas where the rock fracture aperture becomes small, that leads to insufficient sealing.

This research intend to solve this issue by applying dynamic injection, that is a pulsating grouting pressure. The pressure pulses erodes the formed filter cakes and hence the grout can spread more efficient.

The project was conducted in two stages, first laboratory tests and secondly in-situ field tests. The laboratory tests showed efficiency of dynamic injection over ordinary injection. The prototype equipment was then successfully tested at the SKB Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory in a grouting fan of multiple boreholes. This was one of the first attempts world-wide to use dynamic injection in field conditions.

And what were the results? If you wish to learn join our session…